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ASUS RT-AC66U Dual-Band Wireless-AC1750 Gigabit Router Review

Asus Rt-AC66U Dual-Band Wireless-AC1750 Gigabit Router

The Asus Rt-AC66U Dual-Band Wireless-AC1750 Gigabit Router is often a 5th generation dual-band Wi-Fi router. It comes with a speed up to 1.75-Gbps. The dual-band router by Asus uses the 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity operational in both 5-GHz and two.4-GHz bands. The 5-GHZ band operates at as much as 1.3-Gbps, which surpasses the present Gigabit cabled -transmission. In addition, it really is 3 times faster than 802.11ac/ wireless N speeds. The Twin-Band router by Asus provides premium lag-resistant multitasking and intensely-fast streaming, while AiRadar by ASUS astutely strengthens wireless machine connections through powerful amplification, providing optimized performance. It comes filled with CD-free Quick installation, which is easy to understand thus, it enables you to install easily and rehearse the product.

Key Features

1. Dual-Band Operation and extended Coverage

Operating in both 5-GHz and two.4-GHz, the RT-AC66 becomes one of the primary routers on earth to feature 5G WI-Fi whilst still being features compatibility for present wireless-N gadgets at as much as 450-Mbps. The AiRadar technology by ASUS amplifies broadcast in every direction making sure that you enjoy strong signal coverage throughout your home. Besides, you'll be able to enhance your wireless signal to no more than 20% on the top by having an external antenna, which is attachable.

2. The Newest Standard in Wi-Fi

Having 5-GHz speeds ranging as much as 1.3-Gbps, which is 3-times faster than the present wireless-N signals, this latest 5G Wi-FI RT-AC66U router delivers incredible wireless performance for on the internet, seamless HD streaming, and also other bandwidth-rigorous tasks. In addition, the RT-AC66 router supports the latest IPv6 standard for improved packet transmission and addressing.

3. Rigorous Networking Features

The RT-AC66U dual band router is made for easy use and includes a manual that enables you to put it together within seconds. With ASUS QoS (Service quality), you'll be able to set bandwidth priority with your set tasks and application. A good download master allows you continue downloading even though your personal computer is off. They have powerful parental controls, set URL filters and customized access of eight SSIDs, to avoid entry to authorized sites. They have traffic monitoring option, that enables you look at your web usage in a graphical interface making it possible to customize important computer data plan better or avoid exceeding data allotment.

4. Built-in USB ports with Multifunction

The RT-AC66U has two USAB ports hence an actual multi-role device. It is also the full media device compatibility that provides smooth connectivity having a wide-array of entertainment podiums including Blue-ray players, set-top boxes, game consoles and smart TVs. In addition, the RT-AC66 can serve as an avid printer server and FTP server, enabling users share resources while cutting on cost since you don't need to purchase separate server hardware.

5. Versatile Design

The RT-AC66U shape and size allows it to match anywhere. In addition, it boasts three external antennas that may be positioned for improved signal reception as well as a stand. The RT-AC66U has a sleek casing that means it is look similar to a trinkets box compared to a networking device, though it possesses a detachable external antenna fixed on its back. The device has a WAN Gigabits port to connect to the internet source including broadband modem and 4 LAN Gigabits ports for wired customers. Because these ports are Gigabits, you could get a fast-wired network. You can even utilize device being a media bridge or entry way. In addition, the WAN port can be used an LAN port, provided RT-AC66U is just not in Router operation mode. Next to these ports would be the power button, 2 USB 2. ports, reset button, WPS (Wi-FI protected setup) button, as well as a tiny power port. The Wi-FI protected setup button starts a couple-minute window wherein other WPS enabled customers can access the wireless network. These buttons and ports are brilliantly distributed making the product come with an amazing look.


• The LAN and WAN ports are Gigabit Ethernet making it possible to get a high-speed wired network
• The router can be fitted anywhere put flat on the surface, mounted on the wall, or as well as its clip-on base
• 2-years Warranty
• Provides super-fast Wi-Fi around the 5-GHz frequency band
• Multifunction USB ports
• Includes a CD manual that will help setting the router in seconds.
• Download master
• AiRadar for increased wireless coverage


This device delivers receiving high rating from customers in Amazon. Away from 1,666 customer testimonials, 1011 gave it a 5 from 5-star rating 236 gave it a 4-star rating 96 gave it 3-star rating, 115, 2-star rating, and 210, one-star rating. The merchandise has an average rating of four stars from 5. Most of the customers praised it as super-router with amazing Wi-Fi speed.


The previous models performed poorly on 2.4-GHz band and endured an undesirable firmware. However, the most recent version 3...4.246 is simply but excellent. It functions well in 2.4-GHz bands and is also bad firmware resistant.


The ASUS RT-AC66U router offer clients a 5th generation Wi-Fi. It could be employed in both 5-GHz and two.4-GHz band at a rate up to 1.74-Gbps. It is 3 times faster than 802.11ac types. It comes with ASUS AiRadar technology that amplifies Transmissions just for optimized signals. The router also utilizes QoS standards, ASUSWRT setup, twin USB ports and multiple SSIDs. Indeed, ASUS RT-AC66U is often a multi-function device with DLNA, File and printer server slots, among many more.

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